Preventative Dentistry

At Monarch Family Dental of Westminster, we encourage all our patients to take care of their oral health with regular preventative care.

What is Preventative Dental Care?

Preventative dentistry is the overarching term given to dentistry that helps you retain good levels of oral health. It is designed to help you keep your natural teeth for as long as possible and aims to prevent you from needing further dental work and less dental treatment overall. 

Gum disease and decay are the primary causes of tooth loss in patients. The more effectively you combat these two issues, the better your chances of keeping your natural teeth for as long as possible.

When a patient and Dr. Jorge Rojas work together, this can help prevent further requirements for treatments, particularly dental extractions and fillings. Once you have an initial appointment with Dr. Rojas, he will typically recommend a course of treatment that will be designed to help you get your oral hygiene and health in check.

If you would like to know more about which options could be best for your individual situation, it’s always best to have a consultation where one of our dental professionals can examine your teeth and make an appropriate recommendation. 

Preventative Care Services

Dental Sealants

Preventative Hygiene Therapy

Periodontal Exams & Treatment

Oral Cancer Screenings

Dental Cone Beam CT Imaging

Intra Oral Cameras

Dental Night Guards

What Will a Typical Appointment Involve?

Both your gums and teeth will be checked. Dr. Rojas will also talk to you about any potential treatment you might need. The primary objective is to ensure your oral health remains stable. In a healthy mouth, it is unlikely that gum disease or decay will continue to be an issue.

  • Tartar and plaque will be removed from your teeth. This process is also known as a scale and polish.
  • You will be shown best practices for brushing, flossing, and using interdental brushes to help you remove any bacterial plaque.
  • Dr. Rojas will advise you on the most suitable oral care products to use.
  • Your diet and other habits, such as drinking, or smoking will also be discussed. 
  • Dr. Rojas will make sure that all of your existing restorations are in good condition. 
  • If Dr. Rojas notices a weakened or cracked tooth, he may also recommend a specific course of treatment such as a dental filling, crown, or onlay.

Prevention is always best, but if an issue is identified, they will offer guidance for the most effective way to address and manage the issue before it escalates into something much worse that might need to be treated as a dental emergency.

At Monarch Family Dental of Westminster, we place patient comfort and satisfaction at the heart of everything we do. Regardless of whether you have good oral health or not, we can help you get things back on track and help you know exactly how to take the best care of your teeth, and help you maximize your level of oral hygiene.

Who is preventative dentistry for?

Everyone can benefit from preventative dentistry in one way or another. For patients with some of their own teeth remaining, this type of dentistry is designed to help you retain those teeth for as long as possible. Even for those without any teeth, regular check-ups can also help with identifying denture stomatitis or oral cancer.

How can I keep my teeth healthy?

There are lots of things you can do to help keep your teeth clean and healthy. From using the right toothbrush and toothpaste to brushing frequently, a consistent routine is key. Interdental brushing and flossing are both key practices that people can often overlook. By creating new habits and making them part of your everyday routine, you can help keep your oral hygiene at optimal levels.


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The service was great and the fact that the fillings and the crown replacement was virtually pain free, is why I would recommend. The doctor took his time and did it the right way!

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I had the best experience ever!!! Especially at a Dentist office! Everyone was so professional and friendly. It was pleasant and smooth with so much communication from all the staff and Dentist. Thank you so much!!

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